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Director's Invitation

Our planet came to be what it is through a long process that allowed the gradual apparition of life and intelligence until it was possible that matter and evolution take self-consciousness. Thanks to that, the natural evolution stopped from being guided by the strongest, chance and needs, and started being directed by a conscious process.

However, a great part of humanity kept this consciousness unawaken and lost their connection with mother earth, provoking the global warming and climate change that today affects us.

I am the answer is a project to encourage this new form of conscious evolution and that reconnection with the planet, through an education and compensation program, promoting the sign and accomplishment of the next Mother Earth Peace Agreement:

I choose here and now sign peace with Mother earth, live in a conscious, healthy, sustainable way and compensate my carbon print on Costa Rica until turning it into a neutral carbon nation.

It’s proposed that said project be added to the actions of the Alliance that Gaia Foundation forged in the year 2012 and that involves a lot of the most active environment protectors in Costa Rica’s society, among others, the Mother Earth Native Counsel, the Public Universities, some municipalities, the Guides and Scouts Association, some private sector organizations and some of the most centers of yoga, meditation, alternative therapy and sustainability of the country.

It’s proposed that the effort of this alliance be articulated with the Costa Rica’s Essential campaign and with the political will of collaboration that the Executive and the Ministers of Environment, Culture and Education have shown, through the program Tejiendo Desarrollo, directed by Mercedes Peñas Domingo, First lady of the Republic of Costa Rica.

I am the answer aligns all these sectors in a unique proposal in the world to accelerate the solution of the environmental crisis adding the personal participation to the great effort of the governments and organisms for mitigation the global warming.

I invite you to participate cultivating the essence that you are in the essential and neutral Costa Rica that we are building. Because only in this way and with your personal participation it will be possible to achieve a real change in the planetary consciousness before its too late.
Javier Francisco Ortiz

Our Strategy

Our strategy consist in mitigate the global warming involving the citizens of good will in a personal way in the goal of building a neutral carbon Costa Rica, though a global campaign that places the country as the best destiny in the world to compensate the carbon print, with fundaments in the next facts:

1. The history shows our compromise with the education, peace and the protection of the environment.

2. Our government has already as a goal to turn Cosa Rica into a carbon neutral nation.

3. We have achieved a national alliance never seen before to fulfill this goal.

4. Costa Rica was classified por el Happy Planet Index as the greener, friendlier and happiest country in the world.

Our strategy consist in making this campaign reach the biggest quantity possible of persons through a collaborative and technological platform that gives every necessary thing to sign and fulfill the Mother Earth Peace Agreement, combining the ancestral wisdom of our native villages with the millenary tradition of yoga, meditation and the modern scientific knowledge of the universities.

Our strategy consist in involving in the project all of the public universities of Iberoamerica through the document that the Superior Counsel of Rectors of Costa Rica presents to the Eight Congress of Health Promoting Universities 2017 in Spain, asking to sign and promote the Peace Agreement and introduce into their academic and health programs the new exposed values in the Principles Declaration for the Conscious Evolution of Mother Earth and the Mother Earth Decree, signed in April, 22 by the President of Costa Rica and the Culture, Education and Environment Ministers.


  • 1. 

    Get the biggest quantity of people to sign the Mother Earth Peace Agreement in a worldwide level, that these people measure and minimize their carbon print through our collaborative platform.

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    To get the biggest quantity of these people to minimize their print through an authentic and permanent transformation process, that allows them to grow their essential nature and build a conscious, healthy and sustainable life.

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    To get the biggest quantity of these people to use our collaborative platform to compensate their carbon print in the compensation* container operated by natives in Costa Rica, as proposed by the Project Carbon Neutral Costa Rica Route

    *A compensation container is a project through which it’s compensated the carbon print that a person, organization or institution can no longer minimize or reduce, in such a way that the impact produced in the biosphere in the course of a year is neutralized.

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    That the native villages can use such compensation to turn their territory into a neutral carbon one, keep their cultural tradition, generate collective abundance and recover the forest that was taken from then in a violent way.

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    To reach this goals through a collaborative economic model based in the social practices of sharing, collaborating and cooperating as signaled in the Committee of the European Regions Decision.


I am the answer is developed with the support of an in-presence educative campaign and a collaborative platform with a School and a Directory online.

The GaiaOm School has everything that is needed to learn to live in a healthy, sustainable and conscious way, compensate the carbon print and fulfill the Peace Agreement, The GaiaOm Directory is a space for offering or finding other places, services, persons or products to achieve this.

The in-presence campaign will take place in the yoga, meditation and personal development centers, inside the public and private education system, in the municipal spaces designed to give support, development and monitoring outside of the formal education, in the Civic Centers of Peace, in the universities and in the activities organized by the Guides and Scouts Association and other instances that favor the creation of friendlier lifestyles.

The campaign includes information transmission, reflection, change of attitudes, clarification of values and psychic and physic training, gained by assisting to support groups, courses, talks and workshops, combined with Gaia Yoga sessions, personal development and mindfulness meditation or full awareness.

In such spaces will be a systematic capacitation in personal transformation, environment, citizen formation and health-peace, with the specific objective that every participant is able to build a friendly lifestyle, understood as a conscious, health and sustainable lifestyle.

The platform will allow those who sign the Peace Agreement to receive the same capacitation through courses, workshops, reflection and support groups on line, as well as looking and offering neutral carbon products and services to keep a lifestyle that is conscious, healthy and low on carbon emissions.

The platform will promote this friendly products and services market, allowing to reduce its cost and getting competitive in the market economy.

Our CampaignObjectives

The yoga, meditation and development sessions are designed to fulfill the same specific objectives of each thematic component as well as the support groups, the talks and the workshops.

  • 1.  Personal Transformation Objectives:

    1)  Learn to generate presence and understand the content of consciousness and the personal essence or being essence.

    2)  Stop living identified with the content of the consciousness, blindly believing the known and to learn to live from what it’s really known and wanted for himself, the community and the Mother Earth.

    3)  To get the knowledges and the capabilities, values, fortitudes and skills needed to turn onto the person that he wants to be through personal conscious choices.

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    2.  Planetary consciousness objectives:

    1) To understand that the planet is a living unit that must be treated like a mother and the personal transformation has an impact in the totality of the life.

    2) Assume the universal responsibility of signing and fulfilling the Mother Earth Peace Agreement, living a conscious, healthy and sustainable life.

    3) Participate actively in the movement to turn Costa Rica into the Neutral Carbon Nation and an example to be followed worldwide.

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    3.  Citizen formation objectives:

    1) Learn to take advantage as much as possible of the articulation and political will of the Tejiendo Desarrollo project of the First Lady of the Republic.

    2) Do what’s necessary to participate in an active way in the co creation of the communitarian life, using the existent tools in a national and global level.

    3) To discover and use the benefits of the incubators that the GaiaOm platform brings to develop personal or collective projects.

  • 4.  Peace and health objectives:

    1) Include the planetary dimension in the concept of personal health, recognizing the lifestyle and a unity of diagnostic and work.

    2) Enlarge the concept of personal health until it covers the whole mankind and the planet itself, understanding that the lifestyle affects the whole life on Earth.

    3) Understand that the objective of health is no more being a healthy person, but being a person that wants himself to be and build a conscious, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

    4) Understand and respect the rainbow and the gender equality, the importance of having a pregnancy and a friendly delivery and building a relation of harmony and respect between generations, with a special focus in the senior citizen.


Our Collaborative Method

We are looking for the maximum collective benefit and we are not acting in the way that the classic economic models are supposed to act, looking for the maximum personal benefit.

We adopt a focus more proper of the platforms, according to It one of the principal drives of the community resides in the relationships, the reputation, the social trust and other non-economic motives.

We make and intensive and wide use of the digital technologies and the collection of data to share in a friendly way with a fix to models centered as much in the marked logics as well as in the social logics.

Our principal agent is not the typical customer that desires to possess something or buy a service, instead it is a citizen, a member of the community, a user, maker, producer, creator, designer, collaborator, digital artist or a farmer that desires to offer or access to a service or active that results necessary to turn into the person that he wants to be and build a conscious, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Our collaborators are not just simple economic agents, but a social agent, personal or civic for whom the traditional economical motivations are secondary or have no importance at all.

Some of our change agents do not belong necessarily to the economy in a strict sense, instead they are communities and social networks of collaboration that give a space to new economic business or fulfill a function according to the existent economic activities.

Our work in Costa Rica will allow the creation of collaborative spaces of an innovative nature including as much social actors, like the native villages, yoga, meditation and personal development centers, universities, municipalities, private business and others, articulating their efforts with the state through the official program Tejiendo Desarrollo.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is being done now?

Right now the intervention model is being finished, as well as the bases of the digital platform and the agreements of collaboration necessary to start a pilot project of campaign in-presence in the GAM and another in the San Ramón canton.

The first one is being developed with the participation of the Municipalities of Curridabat, Montes de Oca and the Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, with whom we already have a partnership agreement. In the province of San Ramon the project is being carried out with the University of Costa Rica West Headquarters, within the context of San Ramon Carbon Neutral Movement, in collaboration with the Municipality of San Ramon.

The pilot project of the campaign in the GAM is already created and producing all the audiovisual material, including theory and everything needed to support groups, workshops and yoga, meditation and personal development sessions. Likewise, they are conducting experimental sessions of yoga and meditation in some of the places where the project will be developed and is being completed to design the training process for trainers.

The pilot project Chorotega Mother Earth is about to be submitted to state institutions that will collaborate with its development. The municipal projects Salvemos a Don Térraba and Salvemos a Doña María Aguilar are in the process of creation and to align the project Naturbanas routes.

The pilot project with public universities is about to start with intensive workshops for the managers of student residences.

2. What will be done with the results of the pilot plan?

In the pilot phase the model will be completed and the network of alliances will be built, the digital technology support will be developed, instructors will be trained and the campaign will be taken to groups of people in person and online. In addition, there will be a recollection an analysis of data to make decisions and improve the model.

The results will be used to create and develop a nationwide campaign with the support of the Government, public universities and municipalities that avail the project. The campaign will run in yoga centers, inside the public and private education system in municipal spaces, Peace civic centers and in the spaces and activities from the Guide and Scout Movement.

Later it will be spread to regional and global levels through social media and online classes, with the support of public universities affiliated to the CSUCA, and other public and private entities with a desire to mitigate climate change by supporting the goal of making Costa Rica a Neutral Carbon Nation.

3. What is the legal basis for institutional participation?

I am the answer is a campaign of Planet Earth Project, whose activities were declared of public and national interest by Executive Decree No 20527-MIRENEM of June 13, 1991, for constituting a valuable contribution to the interests of Costa Rica.

In the second article of the decree says, "All state agencies and institutions and public companies are authorized, within legal limits, to assist with their development."

Gaia Foundation is registered as an authorized entity to receive deductible donations of gross income, by paper 000,815 of May 9, 1991, issued by the General Directorate of Direct Taxation.

The participation of public institutions is also based on Executive Order No. 39659-MINAE-MCJ-MEP published on June 21, 2016 and by which they are authorized to "prepare and commemorate the National Day of Mother Earth through activities that contribute to create in the Costa Ricans, from the earliest years of life, a new relationship with the planet, in which each person is responsible for living a life in harmony with nature".

4. Who operates the campaign?

The campaign is run by the Gaia Foundation, a Costa Rican non-profit institution declared of public utility for the interests of the State, by Executive Decree 204-39 MJG of May 6, 1991.

5. How the new campaign will be funded?

The pilot project of the campaign in the GAM already has the necessary funding thanks to a sponsorship contribution from the company SC Johnson of Central America.

The pilot project Chorotega Mother Earth is about to be submitted to state institutions that will collaborate with its funding. The municipal projects Salvemos a Don Térraba and Salvemos a Doña María Aguilar are in the process of creation and start the searching for funding.



I am the answer is an activity of Planet Earth Project whose content meets the provisions of the Proclamation of Costa Rica for Peace with Mother Earth, the Declaration of Principles for Conscious Evolution of Mother Earth, , The letter of the Earth, the Sustainable Development Goals, the Contribution Of Costa Rica To The Convention On Climate Change, Tejiendo Desarrollo, Mother Earth Decree, Collaborative Economics and the CEDAW and Belém Do Para Conventions.

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